The Jack Ketchum Books and Booze Episode.

We had been doing Books and Booze for only a couple of months when we reached out to Dallas Mayr (Jack Ketchum) and asked if he would be a guest on our low production value, low follower podcast. Anyone who knew Dallas knows how this goes - he was happy to help us out. He treated our interview like any pro interview. He was fun, engaging, and played a little prank (maybe?) on us that all of us were too nervous to ask about (listen carefully and you can hear the carnival music playing in the background as the interview goes on).

When Jessica and I learned of his passing last week, it hit both of us really hard. He was so kind to us, and helped us get a huge boost by promoting his episode. Whenever I drink Scotch, I hear Dallas say "Scotch whisky!" and I will always wonder about that carnival music.

Hope you enjoy.

"Ramblers, let's get rambling" - FDTD