One thing every writer knows is: you’re moving up the ladder when someone rips off your work. As a feminist, you know you’re speaking loud enough when the Men’s Rights Douchebags… er… “Activists” notice you.

I woke up this morning two for two.

The irony of it is, the MRA idiot who quoted an article of mine in full on his blog did so because he thought my piece supported the oft-sung anthem of MRAs: “nice guys can’t get laid.” If he’d spent twenty more seconds on the site he ripped my article from, he’d know that I am the furthest thing from a Men’s Rights ally there is. Being that I have a brain capable of logical thought, I’m aware that the shitty things men suffer in our society is the cost of the patriarchy and that by being a feminist and fighting for my own rights, I’m helping the bros out, too.

See, because while MRAs like to claim that the Feminazis (because demanding equal treatment is exactly the same as invading Poland) don’t give a shit about men, it’s the feminists that lobbied for rape to be redefined – meaning that men could now be “legally” victims of rape. At a meeting at a local rape crisis center, I learned that they only have a handful of male volunteers, meaning that if a male rape victim calls in, more likely than not, it will be a woman taking his call and/or sitting with him at the ER and police department to provide comfort.

It’s the feminists that insist women shouldn’t be viewed as the “natural” or “default” parent in marriage or divorce.

It’s the feminists that say women are not weaker than men by definition.

Basically, it’s the feminists addressing all the MRA issues while the MRAs whine about what nice guys they are and how they can’t get laid. That’s not me making fun. Go to one of their message boards (if you can stomach it), read their articles. The blog post that ripped my article off was going on about how “nice guys” don’t have a chance because women LIKE violence.

I could go on but I have deadlines to meet, joy to kill, feminist jewelry to sell, and douchebags to not fuck.

First and foremost, my article has nothing to do with nice guys vs. jerks, dating, or anything even mildly related to what this MRA fucknut was twattling on about. I wrote about hybristophilia (you can read my piece here, I’m not linking the bastard that ripped it off, though). Hybristophilia is a paraphilia, which is by definition “abnormal” and “extreme.” So if you can’t get laid, hybristophilia probably has nothing to do with it.

I told some fellow feminists about the blog post and the best response, hands down, was from my friend Karen: “FFS. Are they so dumb they don't understand what paraphilia is? I mean, if someone said, 'Some women like having their bums covered in peanut butter' would they take to roaming the streets with a jar of Sunpat and a gleam in their eye?”

The answer is… maybe.

They say they care about things like male rape victims, fairness is custody hearings, male death rates, etc. But all they talk about is getting laid. I have a really big problem having my work associated with a bunch of fucknuts who can’t get laid and deciding it’s because they aren’t violent enough. Violence against women isn’t going to get you laid, and if you think acting like Ted Bundy is a good way to get a date, stop blogging and get into fucking therapy.

My editor and I discussed asking them to take the quote down to 1-2 paragraphs and attribute it clearly, but of course, these guys are too chicken shit to have any way to contact them aside from wading into the cesspool that is their comments section. We talked about going the more official route and… I had a lot of mixed feelings. On the one hand: FUCK THESE GUYS, but on the other: I’m an outspoken feminist on the internet, do I really WANT to go head to head with these guys?

I realized I was afraid.

And that pissed me off.

What are they going to do? Doxx me? Some weepy MRA asshat who is threatened by femininity is going to have the balls to scale the wall around my house, greet my two German shepherds, and break into my home to face down two US Marines? I mean, REALLY? He’s too weak and scared to deal with women face to face but he’s a threat to me? I fucking doubt it.

A friend was recently surprised to learn I wanted to pursue Muay Thai. He asked, “Why?” Well, this is why. Because I dare some MRA to threaten me and expect me to be scared.

I’ll tell you what – you don’t have to doxx me. Contact me through this site, I’ve got two sets of boxing gloves, you can prove your masculinity with me in a fair fight – but you’d better come over on your best day.

I am not afraid of these dickless fucks. I am not afraid to speak my mind. I am not afraid to loudly proclaim that I am a feminist and these Men’s Rights Assholes can fuck right off.

So go ahead and follow your ridiculous, predictable script. Threaten to rape me because you still correlate your worth as a man with where you stick your dick. Threaten to kill me, knowing you’re too fucking scared to do anything of the sort. Doxx me – and know that I’ll be waiting (if you can get past the dogs, that is).



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